Panhandle Alarm receives UL2050 National Industrial Security Certification

Panhandle Alarm & Telephone has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories as a National Industrial Security Systems integrator (CRZH) able to service, design and build UL 2050 certificated sites. Panhandle Alarm & Telephone is now one of only a handful of monitoring centers to receive this designation.

The UL 2050 certification empowers us to install and maintain alarm systems for United States Government facilities that store military equipment, information systems, and classified documents.

It also enables us to secure the facilities of contractors to the government, many of which provide research and support services for the military or other high-security organizations.

UL 2050 certification and our ability to develop a SCIF, as well as Closed Areas, places us among the top security firms in the nation.

Security Systems News states, “UL certifies only those that have highly trained employees, are effectively staffed, provide extensive training, have appropriate backup procedures in place and follow UL-specific processes. The UL 2050 is a standard that describes the monitoring, signal processing, investigation, servicing and operation of alarm systems for which a national industrial security system certificate has been issued by UL.”