Products and Services

Central Station Services:

Panhandle Alarm is proud to offer our very own UL listed Central Station services. Staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by highly trained personnel, signals are cared for at the highest level of attention when they reach our facility. Careful and disciplined training of each dispatch operator and attention to detail in our data entry department combine to support you in times of emergency.

Cellular Backup:

Cellular backup provides your home or business with the highest level of security available. In the event telephone service is interrupted or your phone line cut, your security system will still transmit alarm signals to our Central Station. Cellular units can be easily installed with no change to the way you use your security system.

Burglar Alarms:

Protect your home and your loved ones with a security system custom designed to meet your needs. One of our System Designers will gladly perform a site visit and listen to your concerns and how you would like the system to work for you. They will then design a system based on your requests and provide you with a proposal and a quote for the system, installation included.

Smoke-Heat Alarms:

Monitored smoke and heat detectors work in conjunction with your security system. In the event of a fire, even if your system is not armed, it will send signals to our Central Station. This ensures a faster response time to keep your property and/or loved ones safer.

Structured Wiring:

A structured wiring system is an organized arrangement of high quality cables and connections that distribute services throughout your home. This system is necessary to take advantage of today's applications; such as HDTV, audio distribution, high speed internet connectivity and telephone services.

Home Sound Systems:

From a simple one room surround sound concept to a more complex whole house audio and video system, we can help. We can work with you to create a package that works with your home, your budget and your concept.


Central Vacuum Systems:

Air quality experts have shown that indoor air is 100 times more likely to contain harmful particulates than outdoor air. With a central vacuum system you can significantly reduce dust, mites and pet dander—the three leading factors that cause allergies in humans. Convenience is another reason to have a central vacuum. We will provide you with the attachments to vacuum everything from furniture and bedding, to virtually any surface flooring.

Intercom Systems:

Intercoms are used for room to room talking, monitoring baby rooms, talking to front door guests, and whole house paging. Intercoms can also be used for music throughout the home as an alternative to whole house audio.